Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Feb"ulous Month

All fabulous things happened in this month of FEB and it was a really busy month for me

16th of Feb: I finally get by Blackie 4S thru online apple store * 3 working days i get the parcel from DHL..yea good job* clapping;D.

Another thing have to mention that..ohyeah~ i finally finally finally get the confirmation letter from Pukyong National University from Busan, Korea for exchange program..*wait till neck also long* due to the lost of the offer letter in the way of postal...But once i get the news, the life getting busssssy. As i was having my LAST final exam in my degree life in MMU* it was a really hardest exam in my degree life*( thank god i passed it)=D weee~*. While i am having exam i have to settle some immigration staff like apply the visa and etc etc....*luckily it just take 3 days to complete an application of South Korea 's visa*

I have 2 weeks for the preparation to Korea eg. buy clothes (jackets and jumpers)* early of the spring still cold around 0 to 10 degree Celsius; since, Busan is quite windy and it is advice to buy nylon made jackets*. In that 2 weeks, there are plenty of activities waiting for me, farewell with friends and trip etc...(oh ya i have to move my house from Cyberia back to my hometown)

Farewell with buddies:
@ Mdm Kwan, Alamanda
A fast lunch right after exam with Shawn, Yenling, Yin* the one very kiasu after exam directly back Sarawak*
I miss uii *in korea
@ The Ships
@ Overtime
Happy hours with a group of friend..ermmm let me recall: vancas, mango, sam, jingyi, evan, js, yy,xiaohui,mingwei,yenling..did i left out someone??

@ Genting
So many 1st time happened here, 1st time drive up hill in the midnight by evan's lil vios * actually not lil is a strong one*~ and it was a spontaneous trip with sam, xiao hui, yenling and evan.
1st time get into casino* guess what they check my IC XD* i still look young=D..Btw who say 1st time play in casino can win?! i m the losser for lost RM25...
We spend some hours there and we back Cyberjaya in the morning and everyone look like zombie

one in a life time in MMU have to do it

@ Johor + Singpore
Ok.. this is the trip that plan for millions years ago and it finally came turn.* if we still cannot make it, that is hard for us to have a full attendance from our gangz*( working, internship, study, exchange program, oversea) all those crazy matters).
That was my 1st ever experience to drive for a long distance * we still have shift driver in the middle of the journey from cyberjaya to Johor Bahru*. Sim, ViVi, Shawn, Me in my car. What can i said about it?! it is really tired!!!
Talking about the trip~> Universal Studio..it was amazing and ya it suitable for young people* crazy roller coaster, 4D transformer movie, some adventure shows and you might be get wet in some games and shows too.* Older people do like the place because there is an entertainment for them =>Casino*
After have a crazy day at Universal Studio, and we depart Johor Bahru in the next morning and I gonna moved my house from cyber to my hometown..that is..

SEE YOU CYBERJAYA after 4 months

Oh ya i still join a dinner with TC gang in the R hotel..erm foods...no comment just can make your tummy full:) that it~

When back to hometown, i spend around 4 days to have preparation to Busan, Korea and i did a last mintues shopping in the 26 of Feb in OneUtama....

And 27th of Feb. my fist time have a flight to the land away from 2863.89 miles...
My story began in Korea in coming posts:)

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